Flowering Plums & Lilac Bushes


It always fascinates me to look at the generations that have come before me… I have been blessed with an inheritance of so much spiritual richness from my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

I cherish all reminders of this, and that is why I particularly enjoy our flowering plum. It is a baby from one of my Great-Grandpa Lee’s favorite trees. The start was a bit of a straggler for years, a wimpy 10 inch little thing; but it held on, and three years ago it took off. It has been a year since Grandpa Lee passed away, so you can imagine how beautiful it is that this spring it is blooming!

Another reminder is in the form of a row of lilac bushes all down our driveway. These lilacs are starts from my Great-Grandma Eleanor’s bushes, some dark purple, and some white. They are just now blooming, and I have brought in 5 bouquets of them!

I hope that some day our lilacs will be as big and magnificent as Grandma’s!

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