Great Pyrenees Puppies

About 20 years ago we picked up our first Pyrenees from a Bed and Breakfast on Vashon Island. It was love at first sight. 

Casey was a constant companion to our children. You can see her in the picture with our son Justin, who must have been around two at the time. She bonded with all of us. We would take her on long walks and she took her job very seriously.

One thing I learned very quickly is the Great Pyrenees is different from most other dogs. For example, while they love to please their masters, they definitely have their own ideas! They don’t play fetch. They won’t always come when you call, and you belong to them.

I remember we would keep Casey in our fenced back yard, which butted up against a forested area.  There was one particular squirrel that would taunt Casey with it’s chattering and Casey would bark in return and show the squirrel who was boss. She was very opinionated, something I’ve noticed with our other Great Pyrenees dogs that came later.

They need a lot of room because they like to do their “rounds”. By that I mean they like to circle around the place and check everything out. This can be a problem if you have many neighbors that don’t like to see dogs roaming without their owners! We had to watch Casey and limit her area for rounds.

We were sad when she was gone and knew we had to find another Pyr.

When we moved out to the country we got our next Pyrenees and she was great with our goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, and really ran the territory.

HHR_Pyr_Puppy_Featured_Image_Option_2We now have 2 breeding females, and our own breeding male. We love Great Pyrenees guardian dogs.

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After the Puppies are born:

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  • Now is the time to pick out your puppy! If you would like, I am happy to help with the process.
  • Puppies must be picked up, or shipped at 8 weeks, unless prior arrangements have been made. (We ship throughout the US.)

***In accordance with WA state law, purchases with puppies picked up or delivered in Washington State will have the local sales tax added to the sale price.

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